Ukraine approve Plan for the development of technical regulations for 2018-2019.

Department of Technical Regulation of the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Ukrainе (MEDT) adopted Plan of development of technical regulations for 2018-2019 years. The plan was confirmed by Order № 196 dated February 15, 2018. 51 technical regulations should be developed in 2018 and 4 technical regulations in 2019, including revision of previously adopted regulations.

MEDT plans to revise the technical regulations on safety mobile equipment, machines, low-voltage electrical equipment, and on electromagnetic compatibility of equipment. In addition, revision of technical regulations on marking of materials used for making the main parts of shoes, on the name of textile fibers and the labeling of textile products was planned. In 2018, MEDT is also responsible for the development of technical regulations on noise emissions into the environment by outdoor equipment.

State Agency on Energy Efficiency and Energy Saving of Ukraine should developed 30 regulations during 2018. Regulations will set requirements for ecodesign and energy labelling of various electrical equipment. Also, it was planned a revision of technical regulations for marine equipment, pleasure craft and hydrocycles by the Ministry of Infrastructure.

In 2018, the Ministry of Social Policy of Ukraine will review technical regulations on safety of equipment working under pressure, means of individual protection, ropeways for the transportation of people, and also will developed technical regulations for explosive materials for industrial use. In it’s turn, the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine is responsible for pyrotechnic products and means for traffic safety control.

The Ministry of Energy and Coal Mining of Ukraine should develop technical regulations for natural gas, liquefied gas as an alternative to car fuel, aviation gasolin and jet fuel. In 2019, the Ministry of Healthcare of Ukraine is responsible for revision of 2 technical regulations for medical products.

In addition, the Plan include technical regulations for means for civil protection and aerosol dispensers (the State Emergency Service of Ukraine), agricultural and forestry tractors (the Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine), placing construction products on the market, and means for cryptographic protection.