The regulation introduces a number of simplifications in the field of certification in 2022 in Russia

The regulation introduces a number of simplifications in the field of certification in 2022 in Russia On March 14, 2022, the Regulation of the Government of the Russian Federation No. 353 "On the specifics of licensing activities in the Russian Federation in 2022" of March 12, 2022 was officially published and entered into force. This document provides for the automatic extension of the validity of concessions and other types of permits for 12 months, as well as their simplification in the...

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  1. Guidelines for defining "quality of goods" in the EAEU
  2. The list of communication devices subject to mandatory certification has been changed
  3. The Ministry of Industry and Trade is considering the introduction of digital labeling for radio electronics
  4. New procedure for the development, adoption, amendment and cancellation of TR EAEU technical regulations was adopted
  5. New procedure for the development, adoption, amendment and cancellation of TR EAEU technical regulations was adopted
  6. The list of energy-consuming devices subject to declaration and certification has been published
  7. Transitional provisions for products for civil defense and emergency situations
  8. Gosstandart approved the State Standardization Plan for 2022
  9. Novelties in the labeling of improved products
  10. Rosstandart will review the requirements for importing cement into the EAEU
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  12. The temporary procedure for certification of serially supplied products during the pandemic has been extended
  13. The lists of products subject to certification and declarations come into force from September 1, 2022
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  15. Decisions on railway regulations and on products intended for civil defense in the EAEU
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  17. Proposal to ban the sale of e-cigarettes in Russia
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  19. Changes to the lists of standards for testing packaging, personal protective equipment and products for children have been introduced.
  20. New standard development and update program for machinery and equipment has been adopted
  21. Discussion on the draft changes to the transitional provisions for alcoholic products
  22. Changes in determining the country of origin of products purchased under public procurement
  23. Belarus introduces mandatory certification of electronic cigarettes and liquids from April 2022.
  24. The new lists of standards for gas-fired appliances are already in force
  25. The technical regulations for natural gas has entered into force
  26. Key changes in the field of certification in 2021
  27. Clarifications on the exchange of documents confirming the compliance of perfumes and cosmetics
  28. Russia will issue international certificates for organic products
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  30. New proposal to amend the technical regulations for tobacco products
  31. Mandatory labeling of automotive oils in Russia may be introduced from 2022
  32. Update of the list of hazardous substances in electronic and electrical products subject to the declaration of conformity
  33. EAEU has updated the commodity nomenclature in the list of food additives and flavorings
  34. Decision on updating the list of standards to the regulations on light industry products
  35. Draft amendments to the toy safety regulations under discussion
  36. Procedure for importing products subject to conformity assessment to the EAEU countries
  37. Public discussion on the list of railway products subject to conformity assessment with the requirements of the technical regulations
  38. Mandatory digital labeling of beer and beer drinks in Russia
  39. The entry into force of the technical regulations for alcoholic beverages was postponed again
  40. Transitional period for changes to the technical regulations for bottled drinking water
  41. The Ministry of Industry and Trade proposes to introduce digital labeling of fish products in Russia
  42. Russia introduces a state standard for bus equipment
  43. Russia is working on a state standard for local wines
  44. The rules for establishing and maintaining a uniform register of statutory auditors in Russia were developed
  45. New requirements for testing laboratories when carrying out the mandatory conformity assessment of products come into force
  46. Update of the list of devices subject to certification or declaration of compliance with the standards of technical regulations TR CU 010/2011
  47. The technical regulations for poultry meat and products have been published
  48. Discussion on changes in the regulations concerning low voltage devices and electromagnetic compatibility
  49. Russia's National Standardization Program for 2022 has been approved
  50. New editions of regulations on food products in Belarus
  51. Updated technical regulations for tractors and trailers
  52. The standard for the construction of child-safe windows has entered into force
  53. Update of the regulations on the use of hazardous substances in electrical and electronic products
  54. Russia is working on state standards for extreme robotics
  55. Implementation of the standard for building mixes and building solutions has been postponed
  56. Technical regulations for poultry meat in the EAEU
  57. Quality and safety tests of fermented milk products for children
  58. Information from the Russian Accreditation Agency on the conformity assessment of drinking water
  59. Planned changes in the lists of furniture subject to conformity assessment
  60. Permissible content of phthalates in toys and articles for children
  61. Traffic light labeling of food may become mandatory
  62. The new ISO standard is a step towards safer business trips
  63. Russia will launch a grain traceability system
  64. Safety regulations for metro rolling stock
  65. Debate on the draft clarification of the EAEU nomenclature on fire extinguishing agents
  66. New standard improving the performance of suppliance of parts for aircraft and other defense and civilian equipment
  67. Series of standards for testing RFID systems
  68. Updated procedure for importing products into the territory of the EAEU
  69. The draft technical regulation for poultry meat and poultry products was approved
  70. Conference on technological standards for pipe manufacturers
  71. The changes to the bottled drinking water safety regulations have been approved
  72. Amendments to the regulations on devices operating in an explosion hazardous environment are subject to discussion
  73. The program of development and revision of standards for fish products has been supplemented with new provisions
  74. Alarm systems will soon be mandatory on all vehicles in the EAEU
  75. Checking the compliance of school shoes and clothing with mandatory safety requirements
  76. Proposed changes to the regulations regarding the safety of buildings and structures
  77. Regulations for nicotine pouches
  78. Toys from foreign markets can be dangerous
  79. Another product categories with mandatory digital labeling in Russia
  80. New standard for the export of forest crops
  81. Indoor air quality standards
  82. Digital technical regulation within the EAEU
  83. Discussion on the list of liquefied petroleum gases subject to compliance assessment in the EAEU
  84. New building material safety standards will enable expansion into the export market
  85. Updated standard specifying the procedure for carrying out research work
  86. Changes in the lists of products to the technical regulations TR CU 018 and TR CU 031
  87. Certificates and declarations of conformity in the digital labeling system
  88. Rospotrebnadzor reminded of the requirements for clothing for children and adolescents
  89. Requirements for skin antiseptics in EAEU countries
  90. New standards for windows and balcony doors in the Russian Federation
  91. Changes in the list of equipment of high pressure subjected to conformity assessment
  92. Draft technical regulations for high voltage devices
  93. Program for the development and revision of standards for meat products
  94. The Rules of Mandatory Conformity Certification of Products Included in Unified Lists entered into force
  95. Draft list of products subject to conformity assessment with the requirements of TR EAEU 046/2018 regulations
  96. Discussion on changes in the lists of food additives and specialty food products
  97. Updated list of standards to the technical regulations for gas appliances
  98. GOST 33670-2015 standard on the conformity assessment of vehicles has entered into force
  99. EAEU: Plant-based products can't use dairy names
  100. Standard for pet hotels has entered into force in Russia