Register of chemicals and chemical mixtures

Register of chemicals and chemical mixtures  On February 18, 2021, a public discussion regarding the project to create and maintain a register of chemicals and mixtures, as well as the submission of new mixtures to the register in the territory of the Eurasian Economic Union countries began. This discussion is scheduled to end on April 1, 2021.

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Ongoing discussion on an updated standard development program for the technical regulation for fats and oils

Ongoing discussion on an updated standard development program for the technical regulations for fats and oils On February 11, 2021, a public discussion began on the draft of the updated program for the development and revision of the standards required to meet the requirements of the technical regulation TR CU 024/2011 "Technical regulations for fats and oils". The draft program was created to replace the previous program, which was approved on the basis of the decision of the Board of the...

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Russia: a new unified register of the Declaration of Conformity in digitized form

Russia: a new unified register of the Declaration of Conformity in digitized form As part of the so-called "regulatory guillotine" mechanism, on July 31, 2020, a new document from the Russian Ministry of Economic Development concerning the activities of participants in the national accreditation system was adopted. The changes are introduced on the basis of order No. 478 "On the approval of the Procedure for the registration of the declaration of conformity and the Procedure for the creation...

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Russia: From January 1, 2021 materials relating to certificates of conformity will be issued in electronic form

Russia: From January 1, 2021 materials relating to certificates of conformity will be issued in electronic form On November 18, the Government of the Russian Federation adopted Order No. 1856 "On the procedure for establishing and maintaining a unified register of certificates of conformity, the provision of information contained in the register and the amount of fees for providing this information" as part of the implementation of the so-called "regulatory guillotine". The order has been...

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New accreditation criteria and requirements for accreditation bodies in Russia have been approved

New accreditation criteria and requirements for accreditation bodies in Russia have been approved On November 16, 2020, the Order of the Ministry of Development of Russia No. 707, entitled "On the approval of the accreditation criteria and the list of documents confirming the applicant/accreditation body's compliance with the accreditation criteria" was published. The accreditation criteria clearly define the set of requirements that the applicant / accreditation body is obliged to meet in the...

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  1. Russia starts new year with new rules for reporting on the performance of certification bodies
  2. New standards for perfumes and cosmetics
  3. Plans to amend the EAEU regulations on nicotine-containing products
  4. New EAEU technical regulations for gas trunk lines
  5. Important changes for bodies providing certification services for the state sector in Russia
  6. New fire safety standards for building materials in Russia
  7. EEC simplified the procedures for assessing serial production conformity during the Covid-19 pandemic
  8. Discussion about changes in the law of alcoholic beverages began
  9. The EAEU plans to launch a unified system of information on dangerous goods
  10. Regulations on glycidyl esters in food products will be changed
  11. Common market for organic agricultural products in the EAEU
  12. The oil transitional rules have been extended
  13. Debate on establishing uniform requirements for skin disinfectants in the EAEU
  14. "Furniture" technical regulations will be updated
  15. Clarifications on the technical regulations for alcoholic beverages in Russia
  16. Russia is preparing the GOST standard for environmentally friendly toys
  17. Consultation on veterinary certification for animal fertilizers
  18. The obligation to label photographic equipment in Russia has entered into force
  19. The EEU Commission has made changes to the lists and rates of duty for enriched flour
  20. Changes to the list of products which are subject to sanitary and epidemiological supervision in the customs territory of EAEU
  21. Amendments to the unified list of products that are subject to certification - changes regarding the certification of rolling stock in Russia
  22. The mandatory e-labeling of footwear, medicines and cigarettes in Russia entered into force in July 2020
  23. Deadline to introduce some of the standards for pyrotechnic products extended until 2023
  24. Extended recommendations for production certification during a coronavirus pandemic
  25. Additional standards regulating the safety of bottled drinking water have been introduced in EAEU
  26. The national accreditation system in Belarus complies with European and international requirements
  27. The system of importing and marking shoes has been integrated in Russia
  28. The Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade will issue permits for exporting masks outside of EAEU
  29. A larger number of products on the list of medical devices subject to preferential registration in Russia
  30. EAEU: 12 months of transition period before introducing changes to the regulations on food production
  31. Changes in the law regarding conformity assessment documents in the meat industry in EAEU
  32. Revised Technical Regulation on perfumery and cosmetic products
  33. EAEU prohibits export and import of masks, half masks and respirators on the territory of the Eurasian Economic Union
  34. A unified register of radio-electronic equipment and high-frequency devices approved for importation is being created at the EEU
  35. The EEU has decided on the classification of electrical connectors according to the Harmonized System
  36. New categories of genetically modified products and organisms that are not subject to state registration in Russia
  37. 362 state standards for achieving sustainable development goals will be developed in Belarus
  38. End of transitional period - new rules apply for hazardous substances used in electronic and electrical devices
  39. The obligation to label shoes in Russia is postponed until July 2020
  40. The Eurasian Economic Commission is entering a new stage of cooperation with the European Commission
  41. The decision on the labeling of drinking water was postponed to December 2019
  42. The beginning of mandatory labeling of dairy products in Russia is scheduled for June 1, 2020
  43. Information about compliance documents for reporting crude oil in a customs process
  44. Changes to the regulations regarding the safety of wheeled vehicles
  45. Additional labeling requirements for products using genetically modified organisms (GMOs)
  46. The Ukrainian government has expanded the list of Russian goods banned for import
  47. New EAEU technical regulation ‘On safety of packaged drinking water, including natural mineral water’
  48. The Eurasian Economic Union Committee is considering changes to technical regulations 019/2011, 033/2013, 040/2016.
  49. Russia adopted a ban on the import of many Ukrainian goods
  50. On July 1, 2018, a new procedure for registration, suspension, renewal, and termination of the declaration of the conformity of the products with the Requirements of Technical Regulations entered into force.
  51. Specific groups of products and meals are no longer subject to accompanying veterinary documents in Russia.
  52. On July 16, 2018, changes to the technical regulations for milk and dairy products entered into force in the Eurasian Economic Union.
  53. Technical regulation "Means of telecommunication. Security” was approved in the Republic of Belarus.
  54. Ukraine approve Plan for the development of technical regulations for 2018-2019.
  55. The Eurasian Economic Commission applied lists of standards for attractions.
  56. Russia informed about features of transitional provisions for new Customs Code toward goods transported in an unassembled or disassembled state.
  57. The Eurasian Economic Commission edited lists of standards for toys.
  58. The Eurasian Economic Commission has adopted transitional provisions of the technical regulation for means of fire safety and fire extinguishing.
  59. Eurasian Economic Commission adopted order of forming and keeping the unified register of certificates and declarations of conformity.
  60. Only chewing and snuff tobacco was included in the list of tobacco products subject to mandatory confirmation of compliance when placed under the customs procedures.
  61. Agreement on labelling goods with the means of identification was approved in the Eurasian Economic Union.
  62. Eurasian Economic Union adopted transitional provisions of the Technical Regulation for packaged drinking water.
  63. Revision of the lists of standards with requirements for lubricants, oils, and special fluids.
  64. Changes in lists of standards used for technical regulation of perfumes and cosmetics.
  65. Eurasian Economic Union scheduled development of 21 interstate standards for wheeled vehicles.
  66. Standards for electrical and electronic products were applied in the Eurasian Economic Union.
  67. Fish and fish products became subject of uniform hygienic requirements.
  68. New standards for fish and fish products were passed in the Eurasian Economic Union.
  69. The Eurasian Economic Commission and India started legal negotiations about free trade agreement
  70. Changes in the technical regulation of Customs Union about “Requirements on greases, oils and special fluids” (CU TR 030/2012)
  71. EurAsEC transitional provisions about “Requirements on mineral fertilizers” (TR EAC 039/2016)
  72. EurAsEC transitional provisions about “Safety of fish and fish products” (TR EAC 040/2016)
  73. Decision №54 about changes in certain resolutions of the Eurasian Economic Commission from May 16, 2017
  74. EurAsEC developed solutions for a complete launch of the EAEU Customs Code.
  75. Decisions on technical regulations were adopted at the Council of the EurAsEC (05.03.2017)
  76. Changes to the CU technical regulation on children’s products (CU TR 007/2011) have been approved.
  77. EurAsEC to advise the Kyrgyz Republic on the application of technical regulations of the Customs Union
  78. Collaboration between EurAsEC and Mongolia enhances quality of the exported goods.
  79. Decision on transitional provisions about “Requirements for liquefied hydrocarbon gas to be used as fuel”
  80. Changes in “Safety of perfumery and cosmetic products” CU TR 009/2011 from January 25, 2017
  81. Eurasian Economic Commission plans to call off GOST standards for cigarettes after November 2017
  82. Technical regulation about “Safety of fish and fish products” comes into force after September 1, 2017
  83. Modifications in CU TR 008/2011 about “Safety of toys” - CQC sp. z o.o.
  84. Changes in EAC Regulations for explosives - CQC sp. z o.o.
  85. TR EAC 040/2016 “Safety of fish and fish products” - CQC sp. z o.o.
  86. “Safety of railway rolling stock” changes - CQC sp. z o.o.
  87. Changes towards the decision about “Safety of toys” - CQC sp. z o.o.
  88. TR EAC 037/2016 transitional provisions
  89. Eurasian Economic Commission about classification and registration of small size vessels
  90. Changes in the “Safety of highways” CU TR 014/2011
  91. Template of the certificate for CU TR 010/2011 is updated - CQC sp. z o.o.
  92. Licenses for export in Customs Union will not expire prior the validity period
  93. Concerning the old certificates for machinery 010/2011 - CQC sp. z o.o.
  94. Changes in EAC regulations 020/2011 "EMC"-
  95. Changes in EAC regulations on safety of light industry products.
  96. About the transitional provisions of the 36/2016 of EAC TR
  97. Moving certification from CU TR to EAC TR
  98. Changes in Customs Union Technical regulations 007/2011
  99. Technical Regulations in Customs Union
  100. Amendments to adoption of Technical Regulations