Certification in Customs Union

Certification in Customs Union. EAC certification.   Five countries belong to Eurasian Economic Union (former Customs Union): Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Armenia and Kirghistan. Certification in Customs Union usually refers to the certification procedures according to customs union technical regulations (in short CU TR and now EAC). Full lists of current technical regulations can be found here. Most popular technical regulations: on safety of machines (CU TR 010/2011), EMC (CU TR...

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Certification in Ukraine.

Certification in Ukraine. It is important to complete certification prior products' shipment. Certificates must be used during customs clearance. These two types of Ukrainian certificates are the most popular:

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Rostehnadzor permission to use.

Rostehnadzor (Rostechnadzor, Rostekhnadzor) permission to use - RTN permit. This document is issued by the Federal Service for Ecological, Technological and Nuclear Supervision (Rostechnadzor) and confirms that product could be used on the dangerous facilities in Russia. For some type of devices the exemption letter could be issued instead of the  certificate.

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Order Russian Conformity Certificate

Russian Conformity Certificate (GOST R or TR certificate) What is Conformity Certificate. Conformity certificate is needed to freely export your products to Russia. Certificates could be issued for serial production or for the single shipment.

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