The hygienic certificates are no longer issued by Russian Certification Bodies. Please, refer to Government Registration.

Hygiene Certificate (Sanitary-Epidemiological Conclusion Certificate)

hygHygiene Certificate confirms the conformity of production and product to Russian sanitary requirements; this applies to the manufacturing, storage, transportation and sales.

Some products may not be be subject to mandatory hygienic certification.

The term of validity of a Hygiene Certificate may be 1, 3 or 5 years. In the certain cases, (manufacturing of experimental sets of new kinds of production, implementation of essentially new technologies, using non-conventional raw material or components), the validity of Hygiene Certificate may be reduced at the experts' discretion.

List of documents needed for the Hygiene Certificate*:

    • Production delivered under the contract:
      • Copies of registration documents of the company-applicant
      • Copy of the contract on delivery of the production;
      • Invoice;
      • Production description (catalogues, booklets, instructions)
      • MSDS
      • Certificates of quality, safety, hygienic, country-manufacturer origins;
      • Other documents confirming safety of production (certificates of a quality management of manufacture of series ISO);
      • Product samples.


  • For serial import production:
    • Information about the manufacturer: name, address, phone;
    • The power of attorney on behalf of the manufacturer on the right of fulfilment of actions on certification of production in the Russian Federation;
    • Production description (catalogues, booklets, instructions, etc.) with instructions of area of its application;
    • MSDS;
    • Document confirming quality of production (the certificate of quality from manufacturer ISO 9000, declarations on conformity to the European norms, etc.);
    • Product sample for tests.

The list of the products obligated to achieve the Hygienic Certificate:

  • Foodstuff;
  • The goods for children;
  • Perfumery-cosmetic means;
  • Means of hygiene of an oral cavity;
  • Chemical production of industrial appointment;
  • The household chemical goods;
  • Polymeric and synthetic materials;
  • Chemical threads and fibres;
  • Textile sewing and knitted materials;
  • Artificial synthetic skin and textile materials for footwear;
  • Publishing production;
  • Products from the natural raw materials which are exposed in the course of manufacture processing;
  • Materials for the products contacting to a skin;
  • Products which are a source of an ionising radiation;
  • The goods containing radioactive substances;
  • Building raw materials and materials;
  • Tobacco materials;
  • Individual defence means;
  • Pesticides and agrochemicals.

* The list of the documents might vary. Please contact us for  the exact information.