Fire Certificate

Fire Safety certificate is the document which confirms that production corresponds to requirements of fire safety.

Fire certificateCertification of production in the field of fire safety is spent on purpose of acknowledgement of production conformity to requirements of fire safety and is carried out according to the legislation of Russian Federation. If the fire certificate  is necessary it is impossible to get GOST R certificate until the corresponding fire certificate will not be presented. The order of the organization and carrying out the certification of fire safety is defined by the State Fire Service in coordination with Federal Agency on Technical Regulation.

The list of production for which the Fire Certificate should be done:

  • Means of maintenance of fire safety
  • Substances and materials
  • Constructional material
  • Electrotechnical devices
  • Heat-generator devices

The list of necessary documents for the Fire Certificate:

  • Certificate of company registration;
  • Contract on delivery;
  • Invoice or the specification to the contract;
  • Technical description of the product;
  • Test reports on fire safety parameters;
  • Product sample.