Customs Union certificate of conformity (CU TR COC)

CUTR sample smallIn a frame of Customs Union technical regulations two documents can be issued:

Declaration of Conformity or Certificate of Conformity.

Certificate of conformity is issued by the certification bodies based on the product testing, document inspection and in some cases the factory audit. The certificate can be issued on serial production and in this case can be valid up to 5 (five) years or single shipment. The price of certificate is much higher than the price of declarations. Price starts from 700 EUR up to few thousands EUR.

Products subject to conformity compliance in Customs Union.

Lists of products for which certificate is needed will depend on exact technical regulation and can be found below.

The most popular products subject to customs union certificate of conformity:

  • clothes for children (the type of document can vary, the CU TR for children must be checked)
  • lingerie, underwear
  • household electronic equipment
  • electric hand tools

Lists of products subject to CU TR certificate and declaration.

  • On the safety of fireworks (CU TR 006/2011): RU.pdf
  • On the safety of personal protective equipment (CU TR 019/2011): RU.pdf
  • Technical Regulations for cosmetics products (CU TR 009/2011): RU.pdf
  • TR for packaging materials (CU TR 005/2011): RU.pdf
  • TR for child products (CU TR 007/2011): RU.pdf
  • TR for toys (CU TR 008/2011): RU.pdf
  • TR for light industry products (CU TR 017/2011): RU.pdf
  • On requirements for automobile and aviation gasoline, diesel and marine fuel, jet fuel and oil (CU TR 013/2011): RU.pdf
  • TR On safety of low-voltage equipment (CU TR 004/2011): English without hs codes.pdf, RU.pdf
  • Machine Safety TR (CU TR 010/2011) - no list yet
  • Safety of elevators (CU TR 011/2011): RU.pdf
  • On safety of devices operating on gaseous fuels (CU TR 016/2011): RU.pdf
  • TR on EMC (CU TR 020/2011): English without hs codes.pdf; RU.pdf
  • Safety of devices working in explosive areas (CU TR 012/2011) – no list yet
  • "On Safety of food" (CU TR 021/2011) - no list yet
  • "Labeling of food products" (CU TR 022/2011) no list
  • "On the safety of grain" (CU TR 015/2011): RU.pdf
  • "Technical regulations for juice products from fruits and vegetables" (CU TR 023/2011) -no list yet
  • "Technical regulations for oil and fat products» (CU TR 024/2011): RU.pdf
  • "Safety of specialized food products, including dietary, medical and preventive nutrition "(CU TR 027/2012) no list yet
  • "Safety of food additives, flavorings, and processing aids" (CU TR 029/2012) no list yet
  • Technical Regulations of the Customs Union on safety of equipment working under pressure (CU TR 032/2013) no list yet

• Technical Regulations of the Customs Union "On the safety of small boats" (CU TR 026/2012) no list yet

• On the requirements to lubricants, oils and special fluids (CU TR 030/2012): RU.pdf

by Dmitry Ivanov