GOST-R Certificate of Conformity for only 499€

General terms of the offer:

  • Certificate is issued for one year for serial production;
  • 10 certified copies and courier delivery is included in the price;
  • The list of the products which are subject of the offer can be found below


Product description HS Code
Technological equipment for bakery, pasta and confectionery industries, including: baking industry; pasta industry; confectionery industry; line, automatic and semiautomatic for bakery, pasta and confectionery industry, equipment packing for bakery, pasta and confectionery industry 84
Technological equipment for meat and poultry industry, including: meat industry, poultry processing industry through automatic and  semi-automatic for meat and poultry processing industry,  packing equipment  for meat and poultry processing Industry 84
Electrical devices for fish, meat, poultry, lard smoking with a capacity up to 6 kW 84
Technological equipment for the dairy industry, including: automatic and semiautomatic lines for the dairy industry, filling equipment for the dairy industry 84
Processing equipment for fish processing, including: washing, sorting, cutting and filleting fish, canned fish production, fish meal and oil; automatic and semiautomatic lines for the fish, filling equipment for processing fish. 84
Lines of manufacturing packaging for food products 84
Packing lines for food 84
Technological equipment for mills. 84
Commercial refrigeration equipment, including: refrigeration chambers,  counters, refrigerated display cases, refrigerated display cases, equipment for cooling and freezing of liquids, refrigeration equipment etc. 84
Thermal equipment 84
Instruments for oral hygiene 3924
Frying pans, deep fryers 7321
Stationary circular pumps for heating systems and water supply 8413
Pumps for liquids 8413
Pumps and pump units for water supply and livestock farms pasture (up to 5 kW inclusive) 8413
Fans 8414
Heat pumps, air conditioners and dehumidifiers 8415
Refrigerators, freezers and ice makers 8418
Devices for heating liquids 8419
Accumulation heaters 8419
Water Heaters 8419
Drum electric driers 8421
Centrifuges 8421
Machines for packaging food products, including: filling and capping the manufacture of packaging, filling in the finished packaging with capping, filling in the finished container without closure, capping, without filling, wrapping, roping, banding products, packaging design, preparation of packaging of capping 8422
Mechanical equipment for catering, including: dishwashing machines, equipment for sanitizing utensils and equipment, equipment for distribution of food, equipment for buffets and bars 8422
Dish-washing machines 8422
Electrified typewriter 8443
Means of applying bar codes with a charger, or main supply 8443
Copiers 8443
Knitting machines and apparatus, electric 8447
Sewing machines, domestic sewing machines, domestic-type "Zigzag" (overlock) and combined with electric drive 8452
PC 8471
Bar-code readers with a charger or main supply 8471
Card reader for the system of cashless payments with a charger or main supply 8471
PC 8471
Devices: central, external storage, I / O (except the keyboard type "joystick" and "mouse"); data preparation, remote data, remote data; interconnections (located in separate blocks, with a supply voltage above 40 V). 8471
Machines for the processing of banknotes 8472
Humidifiers 8479
Transformers 8504
Devices for cleaning surfaces using the liquid and vapor 8508
Machinery and equipment for the mechanization of the kitchen work 8509
Shavers, hair clippers 8510
Lamps 8513
Hand Lamps 8513
Portable baby lamps 8513
Flashlights with batteries, with  built-in charger 8513
Electric welding equipment for industrial applications 8515
Portable welding apparatus for household and similar applications. 8515
Installations and equipment for  greenhouses heating, infrared heating with flexible heaters (capacity of 10 KV) 8516
Tubular Heaters for heating liquids appliances 8516
Portable immersion heaters,  dockable immersion heaters 8516
Room heaters 8516
Portable electric heating tools 8516
Electric clothes and dryers 8516
Electric water heaters for hot water and watering of animals (including up to 12 kW inclusive) 8516
Display units 8528
Circuit breakers and switches for appliances 8535
Clocks with AC power 9105
Fixed general purpose luminaires (except lamps for outdoor lighting) 9405
Household electromechanical (electronic) ballances wit AC power supply 842310
Irons 851640
Ironing machines 851640
Stationary electric cookers, burner panel, ovens. 851660
Food warmer 851660
Devices for air purification 842139200
Battery chargers 850440550
Machinery for processing of meat, vegetables and dough, including: cleaning, for chopping and slicing, kneading-mixing, dosage-molding, universal replacement with a set of mechanisms. 8438500000
Portable toasters, grills, roasters 8516720000
Whirlpools 9019109001
Start-regulating devices for charging lamps. 8535 , 8536
Switches for household fixed electrical installations, timers 8535 , 8536
Lihting connector blocks 8535 , 8536
Clamps, sets of clamps, connectors for low voltage circuits for household and similar purposes  
Automatic  household management electrical appliances devices  
Electrical appliances and similar devices  
Electric motors for sewing machines  
Electric devices for farming and gardening sector with the AC power  
Devices for skin care and hair care  
Kitchen machines  
Toys with AC power  
Devices and power supplies for computers  
Measurment devices  
Program-technical complexes  
Devices for sharpening pencils with AC power supply  
Electrical drawing machines (plotters) mains  
Equipment for heating and climate control for livestock buildings (including ventilation units to create a microclimate on farms up to 12 kW inclusive)  
Heat generators. Boilers - steam generators  
Equipment for fruit and vegetable bases and factories procurement, including: wrapping and packaging vegetables and fruits; equipment for making pickles; functional packaging; cooking equipment  
Equipment for trading enterprises  
Components of the technological equipment for trade, catering and catering areas, including: refrigeration equipment ,thermal equipment, dishwashers  
Thermal equipment. Dishwashers  
Electric steamers for clothes  
Floor polishers and  wet cleaning machine  
Washing machines, electric washing machine parts  
Battery-powered toothbrushes  
Instruments for massage  
Electrical appliances for aquariums and garden ponds  
Electric insect killer  
Heating chambers for storage of vegetables  


To ensure that you product is eligible for the 499€ Offer, please contact us.
HS Codes are done for introductory purposes only. (Not all products from the presented codes are eligible for the offer.