Technical regulations about “Safety of fish and fish products” (TR EAC 040/2016)

Based on the Clause № 52 to the Eurasian Economic Commission Contract and Enclosure №1 to Regulations of EurAsEC approved by the Council from December 23, 2014, it was decided to:

  1. Accept suggested technical regulations of Eurasian Economic Union about “Safety of fish and fish products” (TR EAEU (EAC) 040/2016).
  2. Declare that previously mentioned technical regulations come into force at September 1, 2017 except the paragraph 15 about vet drugs leftovers, animal growth stimulators and drugs. Information about its consumption is provided by producers and comes into power after the development of certain international standards, including rules and methods for research and evaluation, regulations for sample selection and necessary  evaluation, which is certified in accordance with EurAsEC, have been processed. These features must be included into the list of standards described by technical regulations of the Union (Enclosure №9 to the EarAsEC Contract from May 29, 2014).
  3. Present decision becomes effective after 30 calendar days since the date of publication.