The system of importing and marking shoes has been integrated in Russia

The Russian Federal Customs Service and the operator of the national marking system, Center for the Development of Advanced Technologies , have completed the integration of information exchange systems necessary to import properly labeled footwear. This was reported by business analyst Alexander Dolgiev during the webinar 'Benefits of selling tagged shoes. Rules for describing the characteristics to obtain the marking code."

"Over the past two months we have actively tested the system integration with the Federal Customs Service of the Russian Federation, and the day before the end of the tests, the service was put into circulation in the e-government system. From June 15 [we will start working] with the first willing entities who are ready to transport the first consignments of labeled goods across the border under full customs procedures and with providing information on marking codes” Dolgiev informed the press.

The procedure presented by Dolgiev includes the following steps: information on the marking codes are filled in into the customs declaration, then a representative of the Federal Customs Service processes the declaration, and the customs system automatically sends a query to the application "Chestnyj ZNAK", providing data on the marking codes. The application "Chestnyj SIGN" in response sends information about the attribution structure: who is the owner of the product that produced the Data Matrix codes, what is the status of this code, etc. The customs office obtains this information, and then a representative of the Federal Customs Service checks whether he can manually verify data or whether the data will be issued automatically.

"After receiving the declaration, the participant informs the system that he has entered marking codes, has the number of the declaration and it has been successfully issued. After sending this information to the marking system, it will be verified by us and we will ask the Federal Customs Service for information about the number and date of the declaration, as well as the information on the goods that have been imported into the territory of the Russian Federation. If all the information is correct and there is no doubt as to its credibility, the product will be marketed and then it will be possible to sell, transport, transfer ownership, sell or, if necessary, withdraw from trading, "said Dolgiev.

Under current law, from July 1, 2020 in Russia there should only be shoes with a Data Matrix designation with digital codes that allow you to track the product from the manufacturer to the end user. Unsold stocks of footwear that were purchased before July 1 should be marked by September 1, 2020, goods imported to the country after July 1, but purchased before July 1, 2020, traders should mark before August 1, 2020.