The Eurasian Economic Commission edited lists of standards for toys.

On September 26, 2017, The Decision of the College of the EEC № 124 amended the Decision of the Commission of the Customs Union of 23 September 2011 № 798. The Decision of the CU № 798 approved the Technical Regulation of the Customs Union “On the safety of toys” (TR CU 008/2011).

List of standards, voluntary application of which ensures compliance with requirements of the TR CU 008/2011 was edited. The list consist of 16 GOSTs and 2 standards of the Republic of Belarus (STB). These standards contain safety requirements, general requirements and methods of control for toys.

Also, Eurasian Economic Commission amended List of standards needed for implementation requirements of the TR CU 008/2011 and for assessment of compliance of toys. 183 standards in the List describe rules and methods of analysis and measurements, including sampling rules, general safety requirements and methods of control, technical specifications, methods of hygienic evaluation, methods of sanitary-epidemiological assessment, etc.