The Eurasian Economic Commission applied lists of standards for attractions.

On May 13, 2018, Decision of The College of the Eurasian Economic Commission № 53 dated April 10, 2018 will enter into force. Decision will approve two List of standards for products that are subjects to the Technical Regulations of the Eurasian Economic Union “On safety of attractions” (TR EAEU 038/2016). Lists consist of GOST standards, STB (standards of the Republic of Belarus), and ST RK (National Standards of the Republic of Kazakhstan).

First List include 48 standards voluntary application of which ensures compliance with requirements of the TR EAEU 038/2016. These standards contain general technical requirements for the safety of attractions and machines, welding requirements including qualification of welders, requirements and methods of control of structural elements, etc.

Second List consist of 18 standards needed for implementation requirements of the TR EAEU 038/2016 and for assessment of compliance of attractions. These standards describe rules and methods of analysis and measurements, including sampling rules. In particular, standards include methods of noise measurement, requirements for safety of rides and equipment, quality control, requirements for the quality of welding, methods for determining hygienic parameters in plastic materials, etc.