The draft of the certificate and declaration of conformity revocation procedure is now ready

From April 15 to May 6, a public discussion on the draft government ordinance "On the procedure for registration, suspension, renewal and termination of declarations of conformity and the procedure for suspension, renewal and expiration of certificates of conformity, as well as their termination" took place in Russia.

Registration of the declaration of conformity

According to the discussed provisions of the document, the application for registration of the declaration of conformity must contain:

  • necessary information about the applicant
  • information about the producer, including UNP / GLN (Payer's Registration Number/ Global Location Number) or other individual identifiers
  • data on the subject of the declaration
  • codes TN VED EAEU or OKPD 2
  • normative acts concerning the conformity of production for which the declaration is submitted with the requirements (technical regulations, etc.)
  • documents confirming compliance with legal requirements and other such documents.

Deadlines for registering the declaration of conformity

The certification body must register the declaration within a maximum of three working days. Subsequently, the Federal Accreditation Service (Rosacreditation) is obliged to enter information about the submitted declaration into the system within three days and give it a registration number. Please note that it is not possible to change a registered declaration. If you want to make changes, it is necessary to submit a new declaration.

Suspension or withdrawal of the declaration of conformity

The suspension and withdrawal of the declaration or its cancellation takes place by decision of one of the three entities:

  • the certification body
  • the applicant himself
  • Federal Accreditation Agency.

For each of these entities, there are conditions under which a decision may be made to cancel, suspend or withdraw the declaration. The issuance of a decision to extend the validity of the declaration of conformity is possible on the basis of the decision of the state supervisory authority or the Federal Accreditation Agency.

Suspension, expiration and renewal of certificates of compliance

In the case of certificates of compliance, the following entities may decide to suspend, expire, renew and terminate them:

  • certification body
  • state certification body
  • national accreditation body.

A change in the certificate status is entered in the register and then an appropriate notification is sent to the applicant and the certification body that issued the certificate. In the case of certificates, the extension of the validity of the document is possible on the basis of a decision of the state supervisory authority or the Federal Accreditation Agency.

The changes will enter into force in 2021

It is planned that the currently discussed declaration registration procedure will start functioning as early as June 2021, and the procedure for suspending, expiring, renewing declarations and certificates, as well as canceling them may enter into force on September 1.