Technical regulations for poultry meat in the EAEU

The Council of the Eurasian Economic Union approved a new technical regulation "On the safety of poultry meat and its processing products". It will enter into force on January 1, 2023.

Last EAEU document on meat products

The technical regulation on poultry meat is the last document setting out the rules and regulations for the marketing of food products of animal origin on the Eurasian Economic Union market. It contains requirements for the production, storage, transport and sale of poultry meat and its processing products.

What is the scope of the technical regulations?

The technical regulation on the safety of poultry meat covers, inter alia, such important standards as the maximum permissible levels of antibiotics in poultry meat or the mass fraction of moisture released during defrosting.

In addition, the document prohibits the introduction of water, ingredients and food additives to unprocessed poultry meat products, as well as the use of phosphates, flavor enhancers, benzoic and sorbic acid, raw materials containing genetically modified food (GMO) and pesticides for the production of baby food containing poultry meat.

Possible forms of conformity assessment of poultry meat

In accordance with the provisions of the document, the conformity assessment of chopped products will be carried out in three possible forms:

  • veterinary-sanitary examination of slaughter products
  • declaration of conformity
  • state registration of baby nutrition products


The document will enter into force on January 1, 2023, and some of its provisions will be implemented at a later date.