Standards to the technical regulations for devices operating on gaseous fuel

On June 1, 2021, the decision of the Management Board of the Eurasian Economic Commission, which approves a new Program for the development and updating of international standards confirming compliance with the technical regulations of the European Union "On the safety of equipment powered by gaseous fuel" (TR CU 016/2011) was published.

New standards for the technical regulations CU TR 016/2011

The document establishes a list of standards for voluntary use in order to confirm compliance with the technical regulations CU TR 016/2011, as well as testing and sampling methods for the mandatory conformity assessment of devices powered by gaseous fuel.

There are 28 items on the list. 25 of them are based on the development of GOST standards and 3 of them on the revision of the standards. According to the announcements, in the years 2022-2024 it is planned to revise the GOST ISO 23550-2015 standard with general requirements for protective devices for burners and gas apparatus, the GOST ISO 23551-2-2015 standard for pressure reducing valves and the GOST ISO 23551-4-2015 standard for automatic valve shut-off systems. The Republic of Kazakhstan has been designated as the entity responsible for the revision of all three GOST standards mentioned above.

Planned development of international standards by Belarus

Further development of international standards is also planned for 2022-2024. The Republic of Belarus undertook to develop GOST standards for:

  • portable appliances operating on gaseous fuel
  • flexible pipes couplings 
  • pipe fittings

Kazakhstan will be responsible for some of the standards

Not only Belarus was given tasks related to the development of this area. The Republic of Kazakhstan will be responsible for the preparation of international standards for:

  • manually closed gas valves
  • thermoelectric flame sensors
  • multifunction control devices
  • gas mechanical thermostats
  • exhaust valves
  • methods of rational use of energy
  • energy efficiency of band heaters

Russia will develop some of the standards

The Russian Federation has also been designated as responsible for the development of four GOST standards, which will describe the requirements for free-standing cookers with built-in grills, multifunction burners, grills and rubber elements for gas appliances.

The program described in this article will be in force in 30 days. Thus, the previous Standards Development and Updating Program, approved on April 24, 2013, will no longer be valid.