Russia will issue international certificates for organic products

It was announced that a specially dedicated certification body will be created in Russia, which will be responsible for granting the relevant certificates for organic products. It will confirm compliance with the requirements of international standards.

Eco food

Organic food is one in which the production and breeding process uses the most natural methods - without the use of pesticides, genetic modification of GMOs, chemical pesticides, antibiotics, herbicides or growth hormones. Food produced by agricultural or organic farming methods is sometimes also called organic or bio food. Such products have been very popular in recent years. Consumers' awareness is growing, and thus, they want to buy healthy, wholesome and ecologically produced products.

Who will issue the certificates?

Products manufactured in accordance with the principles described above are marked with the symbol of an ecological product. There are many different national and international marks. Placing them on the product is a signal for the customer that he is dealing with a product that has met the requirements for ecological products. The Russian Federation is planning to introduce such a certification and approval body. It will be created on the basis of the organization dealing with the certification of plant production "Ecological Expert" and the organization dealing with the certification of animal products - the Federal State Budgetary Institution "VGNKI".

Meeting the requirements for ecological products

The combination of these professional competences, according to the National Organic Union, will enable the fulfillment of international requirements and obtaining accreditation in any global certification body, which will confirm the possibility of further issuing international certificates to organic producers. This is a huge step towards increasing the development opportunities of the bio products industry in Russia, and above all, their export potential.