Russia starts new year with new rules for reporting on the performance of certification bodies

The Russian Ministry of Justice published the order of the Ministry of Economic Development of Russia of October 24, 2020 No. 704 "On the approval of the Regulations on information on the results of the activities of accredited units, on changes in the labor force and competences of employees, on changes in the technical equipment of certification bodies, which are submitted by accredited units to the Federal Accreditation Service, as well as on the procedures and conditions for submitting this information by persons accredited to the Federal Accreditation Service ”. Important for people dealing with certification will be three dates, because individual provisions set out in the regulations come into force at different times - from January 1, July 1 or December 1, 2021.

Changes for all accreditation bodies from the new year

The document specifies the updated requirements for the submission of reports on the results of activities by accreditation bodies and on changes in the composition of employees and their competences, as well as changes in technical equipment. These changes entered into force on January 1, 2021 and from that moment the results of the activities of accreditation bodies should be reported in the ways specified in the regulation No. 704.

Next round of changes from 01/07/2021

 In the next stages certification bodies will be subject to changes with regard to mandatory reporting requirements, voluntary reporting rules for research laboratories and inter-laboratory comparative tests.

From then on, certification bodies will have to provide the Federal Accreditation Agency with the following information:

  • about the files of the analysis of the state of production
  • about conducted inspection checks (both planned and unplanned)
  • on transferring / obtaining permission to inspect the products for which the certificate of conformity has been issued by another certification body
  • on refusal to issue certificates of compliance

Rules for research laboratories and performers of interlaboratory comparative tests

Also from this moment on, i.e. from 01/07/2021, the regulations defining reporting standards for research laboratories (applied on a voluntary basis) will enter into force. The documents required in the reports will be: information on the tests performed and the test report.

Significant changes will also apply to interlaboratory comparative tests contractors, who, from the first day of July, will be required to submit reports along with information on research coordinators, persons responsible for the report of research results, tests conducted on the basis of subcontracting, as well as the date and status of the tests performed.

The last changes from the ordinance will enter into force on 01/12/2021

From 01/12/2021, changes in reporting standards will affect bodies certifying management systems, services, personnel, bodies involved in product certification that work on voluntary compliance confirmation, as well as control bodies and measurement administration bodies.

The change will also affect research laboratories in the national accreditation system. They will have to inform in their reports, inter alia, about:

  • date of receipt of the sample for testing
  • date and place of material collection
  • the exact start and end dates for the research
  • the exact address of the place where the tests were carried out (in case of tests conducted outside the permanent workplace)