Russia: From January 1, 2021 materials relating to certificates of conformity will be issued in electronic form

On November 18, the Government of the Russian Federation adopted Order No. 1856 "On the procedure for establishing and maintaining a unified register of certificates of conformity, the provision of information contained in the register and the amount of fees for providing this information" as part of the implementation of the so-called "regulatory guillotine". The order has been developed by the Ministry of Economic Development of Russia with the participation of the Federal Service for Accreditation.

Certificates of compliance in the electronic register from 01/01/2021

The document announced the decision to launch a unified electronic register of certificates of compliance as early as January 1, 2021. This solution includes the digitization of information and all documents necessary to issue certificates of compliance, as well as the possibility of signing them with an electronic signature. An important change is that the introduction of information and its control will be carried out automatically. These activities are aimed at improving the quality of information entered into the register and making it possible to trace the certification procedures. In addition, from April 1, 2021, fees will be charged for entering information into the uniform register.

Electronic information on conducted inspections

When planning the above solutions, it was also decided to enter into the register information about the periodic inspections of certified products carried out by the certification body. This will allow for quick identification of certification bodies that violate established certification procedures, as well as products whose safety has not been confirmed in a specific way.

Further changes in the second half of the year

From August 1, 2021, new rules that will clearly define the rules for inspection controls will enter into force. It will also be possible to check information about the applicant who is a producer in the register of notifications about the start of specific types of business activity. Products manufactured outside the territory of the Russian Federation will have to bear the electronic address of the counterparty - GLN (Global Location Number) or GTIN (Global Trade Item Number), if available. The choice can be made by the applicant.

Higher data quality due to electronic register

"The presence in the register of all the necessary information about the issued certificates, including information about the inspection control of certified products, will allow Rosacreditation to ensure work with data on a new, higher-quality level. It will be a source of up-to-date data on all products certified in Russia for the business sector and society” commented Alexander Vdovin, director of the Department of State Policy in the Licensing, Control and Supervision, Accreditation and Self-Regulation of the Russian Ministry of Economic Development.