The government of Russia has excluded mobile power stations and electrical units with internal combustion engines with  no more than 10 kw  capacity and TVs from the list of the obligatory certified products.

Light, illuminative and decorative garlands, devices and equipment for systems of an automatic firefighting and the fire alarm system, radio navigation means (except equipment of ship radio navigation) and slot machines also won't be the subject to obligatory certification . Changes come into force since December 31st, 2010.
Numbers of electrical devices, knife switches and connectors, electromagnetic contractors and starter (except sea and explosion-proof), devices for distribution of the electric power of the general application are excluded from the list. From the list are also excluded mobile (hook-on) welding units for household and similar application and an accessory to the electrowelding equipment, including protective obverse switchboards for electric welders.
From the list of production which is subject to obligatory certification, are also excluded general purpose portable lamps, children's, garden and manual portable lamps, fixtures with the built in transformers or converters for incandescence lamps, stationary fixtures of general purpose - except the equipment for illumination of streets and roads.