Quality and safety tests of fermented milk products for children

The Russian organization, whose task is to test the quality of products - Roskachestvo - has conducted research on the quality and safety of fermented milk products for children in the form of two products - quark and kefir.

Detailed safety study has been carried out

The study covered 6 brands of kefir with 3.2% fat content and 10 brands of cottage cheese with 3.9% to 4.2% fat content. Due to the fact that these are products intended for consumption by children, they have been thoroughly tested in order to eliminate all possible risks to health and life.

The quark samples taken for testing were checked for as many as 88 quality and safety indicators. These included, among others, research on the presence of antibiotics, preservatives or artificial dyes. The product labeling has also been thoroughly checked for the accuracy of the information contained on the label. Quark samples were tested for compliance with quality and safety requirements for 74 indicators. In addition, product labels have also been checked.

The test results are satisfactory but not perfect

The results of the quark tests performed turned out to be positive, as none of the samples taken raises any concerns in terms of food safety. All of them meet the requirements set out in the technical regulations. "On the safety of milk and dairy products" (TR CU 033/2013)

When it comes to kefir, all proven brands are also safe, but experts have noted that not all tested kefirs are fully suitable for consumption by children. According to the results of the research, two samples of kefir for babies showed an insufficient amount of lactic acid bacteria, and the producers of two others did not provide the amount of calcium in accordance with GOST standards.