Public discussion on draft amendments to the technical regulations for lifts 

On June 15, 2021, a 45-day public discussion on the draft decision of the Management Board of the Eurasian Economic Commission regarding changes to the list of standards applied in order to meet the provisions of the technical regulations CU TR 011/2011 "On safety of elevators" began in the EAEU countries.

Who created the prepared changes?

The changes were prepared by the EAEU Technical Regulation and Accreditation Department. First of all, they provide for the adoption of a new edition of the List of Standards to confirm voluntary compliance with the technical regulation CU TR 011/2011 and for carrying out the conformity assessment procedure. These lists were approved on May 29, 2018 by the decision of the EAEU Management Board No. 93.

Changes to the list of standards

The updated version of the List of standards for voluntary confirmation of compliance with the regulations for elevators includes 14 items (the current list includes 12). These are 10 international standards and 4 national standards of the Russian Federation. In 5 of them it is indicated that this document is used in conformity assessment (at the stages before putting into service, during operation). These are, for example: the GOST standard on the requirements for the prevention of vandalism in elevators, the GOST R standard on the installation of elevators for firefighters in buildings and constructions, or the GOST standard on special safety requirements when installing new elevators in existing buildings.

Standards of test methods also covered by the changes

The key change is the proposal to adopt a new List of Standards, along with the principles and methods of testing, and taking samples to assess the compliance of elevators. The amended document includes 6 items (in the current edition there are 5). These are 4 international standards and 2 standards of the Russian Federation:

  • GOST 33984.2-2016 “Lifts. Rules and methods of examinations (tests) and measurements by certification. Rules of sampling.”
  • GOST 33984.3-2017 “Lifts. Rules and method of examination (test) and measurement by certification of safety devices of lifts.”.
  • GOST 34582-2019 “Lifts. Rules and methods of the tests, measurements and checking of lifts before putting in service.”
  • GOST R 53782-2010 “Lifts. Rules and methods of the appraisal of lifts conformity before putting in service.”
  • GOST 34583-2019 “Lifts. Rules and methods of tests, measurements and checking in the exploitation period.”
  • GOST R 53783-2010 “Lifts. Rules and methods of the appraisement of lifts conformity in period exploitation.”