Public debate on the proposed changes to the technical regulations for small size vessels

From June 16 to August 15, 2021, the Eurasian Economic Union is holding a public discussion on the draft amendment number 1 to the technical regulation TR CU 026/2012 "On safety of small size vessels". These regulations were adopted in 2012 and have been in force since February 1, 2014.

Terminology changes

The changes under discussion concern the scope of application of the technical regulations, as well as the terminology used in this document. In particular, the following terms are to be introduced into the regulations: "airboat", “jet ski", “water sports equipment" and "hovercraft". A new definition of the main concept related to this technical regulation was also proposed - "small vessel". It has been proposed to denote any type of ship with a hull length of 24 meters or less. It is worth mentioning that such a definition is in line with the international classification.

Change in Annex No. 1

Another change provided for in the technical regulation in question TR CU 026/2012 is the amendment to Annex No. 1. Instead of the list of small vessels, life-saving appliances and equipment covered by the regulations, this Annex will contain a list of vessels that are not subject to the regulations. It has been proposed to enter 10 such boat categories there, including:

  • amphibious vehicles
  • rescue boats and lifeboats for river and sea vessels
  • airboats
  • any sports type water vessels intended solely for training, sport activities 
  • experimental vessels

Equipment and life-saving appliances on small vessels

In article 1 of the regulations, clause 5.2 was also added. It contains a list of equipment and life-saving appliances for small vessels covered by the provisions of the document. This equipment includes:

  • fuel tanks and hoses
  • steering wheels, cables assembly
  • prefabricated windows and hatches
  • life rafts and lifebuoys
  • life jackets.

There was also a debate on the proposal to supplement the regulations with an important clarification according to which items used for active recreation in water reservoirs, including water attractions, are not included in the category of small vessels.