Public debate on changes to the "Procedure for creating and maintaining a register of certificates and declarations"

On April 22, 2021, a draft regulation of the Management Board of the Eurasian Economic Commission was put forward for a public debate, along with changes regarding the "Procedure for creating and maintaining a uniform register of issued certificates of compliance and registered declarations of compliance". The first, basic version of this document was approved on September 26, 2017.

Digitization of the conformity assessment process

The discussed changes are aimed at enabling the use of electronic documents on conformity assessment, which in legal force will be identical to documents in hard copy. In accordance with the provisions of the draft Registration Procedure, the electronic certificate of compliance and the declaration of compliance are an electronic record of issued and registered documents.

Goal: smooth transition from paper to electronic documents

If there is ant difference between an electronic document and document in hard copy, the electronic certificate or declaration takes precedence. It is important to know that it is possible to issue an electronic document without issuing it in paper form. It should be known that if the documents are issued by a state control body, the applicant may provide the certificate / declaration number or a direct link to the document in the unified register. Moreover, the rules of suspending and expiring of electronic certificates and declarations of conformity, as well as the manner of their acceptance and replacement, were also established.

Easier document flow procedure

The proposed changes, which will be discussed, are intended to simplify the procedure of exchanging conformity assessment documents, exclude the possibility of making illegal decisions due to the lack of up-to-date information on the status of the application in the paper document (e.g. information that it has been suspended or withdrawn), as well as standardize the information contained in certificates and declarations in accordance with standard schemes of conformity assessment.

The discussion will end on June 11, 2021

The discussion on the draft changes will last in the public space until June 11 this year. If adopted, it will be no sooner than introducing the changes to the so-called "technological acts" on information interaction and to the Treaty on Union, where the possibility of using electronic documents is to be foreseen.