Plans to amend the EAEU regulations on nicotine-containing products

On December 28, 2020, the ordinance of the Board of the Eurasian Economic Commission, number 188 of December 22, 2020 was published. It entered into force on the same day. Thus, a draft amendment to the plan for the development of technical regulations of the EAEU was approved in the scope of regulations covering products containing nicotine.

The plan to develop the regulations was established in 2014

It is worth recalling that the plan to develop and update the technical regulations for nicotine products was adopted over six years ago - by the decision of the EAEU Council No. 79 of October 2014. This document is regularly updated based on supplemented items and reported needs for new legal solutions and provisions that meet market needs.

What changes are planned?

So what will the changes be about? According to the announcements, they will affect a new clause number 25. It concerns the development of regulations covering products containing nicotine. Currently, there are no mandatory requirements for such products, both in the legislation of the Union and its member states. The new, broader definition allows for the formulation of product requirements that have so far remained unregulated.

The development, approval and adoption of the technical regulations are planned to take from one and a half to two years. After public discussion about the project and assessment of its impact on the entire sector, it will be approved by the management board and finally adopted by the EAEU Council.

Armenia will coordinate the implementation of the changes

The Republic of Armenia, with the help of other member states of the Eurasian Economic Union, was appointed to draft the new regulation. According to the initial schedule, the draft document should be sent for consideration to the relevant bodies of the EAEU in the fourth quarter of 2022.