New procedure for invalidating the declaration of conformity has entered into force

On July 1, 2021, the updated “Procedure for suspending, cancelling and renewing the Declaration of Conformity” entered into force. It was possible because of the adoption of the government decree No. 936 "On the procedure for registering, suspending, renewing and canceling the declaration of conformity, as well as the procedure for suspending, renewing and cancelling certificates of conformity".

Dates of application of the new procedures

The document was adopted on June 19 this year and came into force 2 days later - on June 21. However, this date does not apply to clauses 18-38 which will enter into force on September 1. It should be remembered that Resolution No. 936 will be valid until June 21, 2027. This term applies also to Resolution No. 935, which describes the procedure for keeping records of certificates and declarations.

Cancellation of the declarations of conformity

The decision to cancel the declaration is made by the National Accreditation Body. Such a decision may be made due to:

  • failure by the applicant or the certification body to submit information on the reasons for suspending the validity of the document within the specified period
  • providing information on the existing grounds for cancelling the declaration (due to inconsistency of information contained in the register, testing of products in a testing laboratory that does not meet the requirements, etc.)
  • declaring the test laboratory report invalid.

Documents required to register a declaration

The regulations, which will come into force in September this year, define in detail the complete set of documents required to register the application. In order to make a customs declaration of products imported as test samples for compliance, it is necessary to obtain documents confirming the required number of such samples (this may be an agreement with a certification body or an accredited testing laboratory or a document from an accredited person confirming this quantity).

In September, additional solutions will also become applicable in the absence of information about the global location number GLN. In its absence, it will be possible to indicate a different individual identifier or coordinates determined by GLONASS signals.