New national and international standards for various sectors of the economy entered into force on April 1, 2021

On April 1, 2021, international and national standards for the chemical, oil, gas, metallurgical and other industries entered into force. The total number of new regulations that entered into force on that date exceeds more than one hundred. A few of the key ones will be briefly discussed in the following sections of this article.

Camelina oil standard

In the area of ​​food safety, the national standard GOST R 59148-2020 has entered into force in Russia, with technical conditions for camelina oil (called gold-of-pleasure oil), i.e. oil obtained from camelina sativa, used in the food industry and in animal feed manufacturing. The document specifies the issues related to the classification of the oil, its properties, technical requirements, required labeling and product packaging. Standard also specifies the detailed rules of receipt, transport and storage conditions, as well as the shelf life of the product.

Interstate standardization system

As part of the standardization policy, a document on interstate relations, GOST 1.4-2020 standard "Interstate standardization system. Interstate technical committees for standardization. Principles of creation and operation", has entered into force. This document describes the tasks of the Interstate Technical Committee for Standardization, specifies the requirements for its structure and composition, and also defines the rules for its creation.

New regulations in the chemical industry

The changes also affected the chemical industry. At least 10 standards have entered into force, including GOST standards for:

  • sampling of coal and its products from the storage
  • methods for determining the water absorption and mechanical strength of carbon briquettes
  • principles of mechanical sampling of coal
  • solid mineral fuels
  • methods for determining the volumetric recovery of volatile substances in anthracite, etc.

GOST standard for the mechanical industry

The most important new standards in the field of mechanical engineering include: the GOST 34706-2020 standard specifying safety requirements and control methods for metro rolling stock, the GOST R 59102-2020 standard containing terms and definitions for electric vehicles and hybrid vehicles. Clearly defined definitions will facilitate the process of certification of motor vehicles.

New regulations concerning the energy sector

The energy sector in Russia has gained a national standard for energy efficiency requirements and indicators for lighting accessories and artificial lighting.