New fire safety standards for building materials in Russia

In December 2020, new standards were approved that define the requirements for the fire safety of building materials. The standards were approved by the Federal Agency for Technical Regulations and Metrology and developed at the request of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russia as part of the Ministry's project entitled "Increasing the production of hard, hardly flammable or non-flammable thermal insulation materials and products".

GOST standards to be introduced:

  • GOST R 59154-2020 “Building materials. Test method for fire hazard under the thermal effect of a single ignition source on building materials, except for floor coverings ";
  • GOST R ISO 5660-1-2020 "Tests to determine the reaction to fire. The intensity of heat generation, smoke generation and weight loss. Part 1. Determination of the intensity of heat release by the method of a conical calorimeter and the intensity of smoke generation by measurements in a dynamic mode ";
  • GOST R 59121-2020 “Classification of fire hazard of building materials and structures. Part 5. Classification according to the results of tests of roofing materials using an external ignition source ";
  • GOST R 59137-2020 “Classification of fire hazard of building materials and structures. Part 1. Classification based on the results of tests to determine the reaction to fire. "

Purpose of the introduced changes

The standards contain classification and testing methods for the reaction of building materials to fire and their technical characteristics in accordance with generally accepted world conditions, which will result in easier access to export markets for manufacturers and the implementation of the objectives of the Russian project "International cooperation and export".

In addition, international classification and test methods are relatively often used in the implementation of foreign investment projects in the Russian Federation, which means that many manufacturers previously had to subject materials to expensive tests in foreign laboratories. Thanks to these changes, the tests can be carried out in Russia. The standards will come into force on August 1, 2021.