From March 31, 2011 the resolution of the Government of the Russian Federation from 16.03.2011 N 170, which approved the list of goods (products), subject to mandatory conformity assessment under the Technical Regulations  "on the safety of wheeled vehicles" came into power. List (available in Russian) was developed in order to implement the Technical Regulations on the Safety of wheeled vehicles, approved by the Government of the Russian Federation from 10.09.2009 N 720 (the Regulation).

Conformity assessment of vehicles components takes the form of mandatory certification: Declaration of Conformity or Certificate of Conformity (Article 84 of the Regulations). 
Documents certifying the compliance of vehicles (chassis) and their components  which were issued before Regulations came into force, remain valid until the expiration of the term for which they were issued (Article 110 of the Regulations).