List of documents for simplified conformity assessment

On March 4, 2021, the Federal Accreditation Service published a document number 4513/03-MZ entitled "On the use of regulatory and methodological documents". When confirming the conformity of products, a simplified procedure of using the list of documents is applied.

The simplified procedure facilitates the conformity assessment process

The possibility of using a simplified procedure is a great help. Thanks to this, there is no need to prepare additional equipment, test apparatus and measuring instruments or to bear the costs of improving the qualifications of employees, introducing changes in procedures, extending the scope of accreditation of legal entities and individual entrepreneurs performing work related to conformity assessment.

Lists published in two annexes

The lists are presented in the form of two annexes - the first is a list of regulatory documents, and the second is a list containing guidelines on research methodology. Both annexes contain the name of the invalidated document and the new one adopted in its place, as well as the binding decision to replace the document with a new one.

165 superseded rules and standards

The list of regulatory documents contains as many as 165 items in which the new regulations replaced the previous ones. Among the canceled there are sanitary regulations and standards, hygiene standards, decisions of the chief state sanitary doctor, sanitary regulations. It is worth noting that all the documents canceled on this list have been replaced by two SanPiNs: SanPiN and SanPiN 1.2.3685-21 "Hygienic standards and requirements to ensure safety and (or) harmlessness to people due to environmental factors."

Changes in documents regarding the methodology of conformity assessment

There are 5 items on the list of documents relating to the conformity assessment methodology. MU 4425-87 and Instruction 1231-75 have been replaced by MR 4.3.0212-20 "Control of ventilation systems", and instead of R 4.2.2643-10, Instruction 4.2.3676-20 "Laboratory test methods and tests of disinfectants to assess their effectiveness and safety ” have been implemented.