License for alcohol export to Customs Union

Paragraph 2 of decision of the Interstate Council of EurAsEC (the supreme body of the Customs Union) from November 27, 2009 № 19 approved single list of goods which are subject to prohibitions or restrictions on the States - parties to a customs union on trade with third countries.

It should be noted that Section 2.18 "ethyl alcohol and alcoholic beverages, limited to transfer through the customs border of the customs union with the import of" single list was expanded at the expense of individual types of alcoholic beverages, including: whiskey, rum, gin, liqueurs, as well as wine. Now for the import of these goods requires a license issued Minpromtorg Russia.

We draw attention to the fact that the license Minpromtorg Russia received on alcoholic beverages before 1 January 2010, are available during the period for which they are issued.