Important changes in the rules for product labeling in Russia - the TR mark instead of the GOST R conformity mark 

On June 21, 2021, the Federal Law No. 460-FZ enacted on December 22, 2020, which amends the previously applicable Federal Law No. 184-FZ "On technical regulations" of December 27, 2002 entered into force.

Changes in product labeling - the most important information

The amendment to the act updates the requirements for product labeling. Products that were subject to a mandatory conformity assessment before the entry into force of the technical regulations will now be marked with a new mark - it will be the TR mark (Technical Reglament Conformity Certificate TRCU) instead of the GOST R conformity mark (previously currently in force).

More products covered by the new federal law

The adopted act stipulates that products subject to mandatory confirmation of compliance, including before the date of entry into force of the technical regulations, and whose compliance is confirmed in the manner provided for by the discussed federal act, are labeled with the TR mark. Before the adoption of the new law, these regulations applied only to those products that were directly subject to the provisions of the technical regulations.

Confirming compliance with the technical regulations

The federal law describes the new procedure of compulsory confirmation of conformity for products subject to the obligation of confirmation of conformity. The procedure itself is in the process of being finalized and the relevant legal act has not yet been published. This means that as of June 22, 2021, there is no adopted and officially published decree of the Government of the Russian Federation on the new procedure, and the products are still labeled in accordance with the old requirements.

Uniform trade mark

All controlled products should be marked with a single trademark. The described rules apply only to those products that are prepared for placing on the market. The paragraph 2 of Art. 27 of Law No. 184-FZ stipulates that marking with the TR mark is made by the manufacturer / applicant in any way convenient for him prior to the release of the product on the market. A product whose compliance has not been confirmed in a manner prescribed by law may not be marked with a mark of trade on the market.