Important changes for bodies providing certification services for the state sector in Russia

On December 29, 2020, Order No. 128 of the Russian Federal Accreditation Service (Rosacreditation) entered into force. It was adopted six months earlier - on July 6 last year. The document defines the role of state services in considering applications for inclusion in the catalog of legal entities providing certification services entered into the national part of the Unified Register of Conformity Assessment Bodies of the Eurasian Economic Union. In addition to examining applications for entry, the document also defines the rules for the provision of services in the domestic part of the Unified Register, as well as exclusions from it.

Who can provide certification services to the state sector?

The order clearly defines who can provide certification services to the public sector. According to the document, this type of service may be provided by legal entities that are accredited as certification bodies, control bodies or test centers. At the same time, it is necessary that the full scope of accreditation of such a unit is up-to-date and meets all the criteria for entry into the Unified Register.

Time limits related to the procedures for control bodies

The document is also a source of information on important deadlines related to the procedures in question. According to the general conditions of the service provision procedure, entering a certification body into the national part of the Unified Register and changing the information should not exceed 185 working days from the date of receipt by the authority of the required application and other necessary documents. However, the time limit for making a decision to refuse to provide a service should not exceed 5 business days. The procedure for unsubscribing an entity from the Unified Register should not take longer than 10 days. The document does not provide for the possibility of temporarily suspending the provision of the service.

Documents required to be a part of the Unified Register

The documents that must be submitted to Rosacreditation in order to enter the accredited entity into the national part of the Unified Register are listed below:

  • a statement containing the information required in the Ordinance of Rosacreditation No. 1 of January 9, 2020
  • consent to the processing of personal data
  • information on the results of activities of a given entity
  • information about the owned research laboratory entered in the register or a copy of the contract with another laboratory confirming the tests carried out
  • documents confirming the higher education of the manager and deputies of the certification body and the research laboratory
  • documents on the share capital in the amount of 2 million rubles or its equivalent in the form of real estate corresponding to the value of this amount

Documents should be submitted in electronic form, however, until the appropriate module is launched, it is allowed to submit the above-mentioned documents in hard copy.