Government Resolution on the specifics of marking of products released into circulation for the first time from 16th September 2012

Extracts from the resolution:

  • The compliance mark should be accompanied by the information "the first time released products”. Products released for the first time should be labeled in accordance with this point throughout the first year of production.
  • If the product is subject to mandatory certification and is not certified, the following should be stated: "Mandatory certification was not carried out".  If the product is subject to declaration of conformity and the declaration is not based on 3rd party evidences, the following should be stated “The declaration is not based on 3rd party evidences”. Potential health risks should be stated if such risks exist.
  • Marking the first time released products which are not intended for children, and that could cause injury of their health and (or) the development shall include information about the inadmissibility of use and application in the presence of children or by the children themselves.
  • Marking should be clearly visible during the whole period of product use.
  • Marking should be placed on the label, leaflet and (or) in the accompanying documents that are placed in each package or attached to each consumer packaging.