EurAsEC to advise the Kyrgyz Republic on the application of technical regulations of the Customs Union(31.03.2017)

At the end of March, the EurAsEC held a seminar on the compliance evaluation strategies of the Customs Union, and 18 technical regulations at the Ministry of Economics of the Kyrgyz Republic. The technical regulations concern, among others,  food industry, safety of products for kids and teenagers, railway transport, furniture products, light industry. The event was addressed to manufactures, exporters, state representatives, and laboratory experts.

Compliance with technical requirements is of high priority to both the EurAsEC and the Kyrgyz Republic, where maintaining the high quality of products constitutes an important issue to stakeholders on all levels. The Kyrgyz authorities, therefore, regularly organise events to inform businesses about technical regulations.

The participants of the seminar organised by the EurAsEC sought to learn about peculiarities of products compliance evaluation, and application of transitional technical regulations on the territory of the Kyrgyz Republic.  As of 12 August 2017, compliance of goods will be carried out based on the new CU technical regulations. Therefore, the respective national Kyrgyz regulations on assessing the conformity of products to mandatory requirements will be valid only until 12 August 2017. Production and sale of goods based on the Kyrgyz standards will be possible until August 12 2019, given that the relevant documents were issued before 12 August 2017. 

 All goods, which were not subject of the obligatory certification until 12 August 2017 according to the regulations of the Kyrgyz Republic, may be produced and circulated without additional the obligatory compliance documentation across the territory of the Kyrgyz Republic until 12 August 2018.