EurAsEC developed solutions for a complete launch of the EAEU Customs Code 

The Eurasian Economic Commission (EurAsEC) has introduced to the public consultation the first draft priority decisions concerning some of the 26 issues pertaining to the new EAEU Customs Code. The decisions shall become effective simultaneously with the new Customs Code of the Union to allow for its complete implementation.

The three first decisions concern the activity of the Authorised Economic Operators (AEO), in particular, the type of a certificate confirming inclusion of entities in the AEO register; the form; and the procedure for the completion of the application for a candidate for AEO. Decisions establish the new simplified rules, according to which all the participants in the foreign economic activity are allowed to claim the status of an Authorised Economic Operator (i.e. exporters, importers, carriers, and owners of temporary storage warehouses).

The new rules would also apply to vehicles of AEOs, and warehouses and open areas, where goods are temporarily stored to exclude a possibility of unauthorised access to products under customs control.

The drafts decisions took into account the standards of the World Customs Organization and the experience of the European Union, international standards and best practices. Draft decisions on other issues of customs regulation will be published soon.