EAEU to unify approaches to customs infrastructure

The Advisory Committee of the Eurasian Economic Commission has held regular meetings for a long time, during which the interaction of individual regulatory bodies from the member states at the EAEU customs border was discussed. The EAEU countries plan to implement a mechanism to standardize the approach to customs infrastructure and its development.

Customs infrastructure with unified approach in the member states

At the last meeting of the Eurasian Economic Commission’s Advisory Committee on Interaction of Supervisory Bodies at the EAEU Customs Border, discussions were held on developing a unified approach of the Member States to the standard requirements for the organization and technical equipment of customs infrastructure elements located at points of movement of goods across the customs border of the Union. The meeting was chaired by Baktybek Bayserkeev, Director of the Commission's Customs Infrastructure Department.

During the meeting, views were also exchanged on monitoring of the implementation in Russia of the EAEU Board's decisions on the creation, presentation and use of information on maritime border checkpoints. Work on the regulatory framework for the deployment of checkpoints is set out in the Strategic Directions for Developing the Eurasian Economic Integration until 2025.

Detailed regulations will be prepared by a working group

The members of the Advisory Committee discussed the creation of an expert group in order to develop requirements, inter alia, in the scope of the above-described issue of equipping with standardized infrastructure necessary for the proper functioning of the customs border. They also exchanged views on monitoring the implementation in Russia of the Eurasian Economic Commission’s Board decisions on the production, presentation and use of preliminary information at maritime checkpoints.

Supranational body for regulating the EAEU common financial market

Some media also report that the relevant statutory bodies of the EAEU are working on creating a supranational body to regulate the common financial market. The Advisory Committee on Financial Markets approved the work plan for the implementation of the provisions of the Single Financial Market Concept for the integration association.