Draft technical regulations for feed for non-productive animals

The draft of the developed technical regulations "On the safety of feed for non-productive animals" has been published on the website of the Association of Pet Food Producers of Russia for information purposes.

Draft regulations as part of a larger plan

The technical regulations, entitled exactly the same, are included in the new plan for the development and update of the technical regulations of the Eurasian Economic Union, which was approved by the Management Board of this organization in December 2020. According to this plan, the draft of these regulations had to be prepared by the Russian Federation by 2023 at the latest.

What is to be the subject of the regulations?

The published draft technical regulation contains 13 sections and 2 annexes. The requirements of the prepared document apply to:

  • food for non-productive animals (dogs, cats, birds, aquarium fish, etc.);
  • production, transport, storage, sale and disposal processes related to feed requirements

According to the draft document, the classification of feeds as subjects of the discussed regulations is carried out using visual, organoleptic and analytical methods and on the basis of the name and characteristics of a feed.

Conformity assessment

Chapter X of the document in question states that conformity assessment is carried out in one of three ways:

  • declaration of conformity - for feed
  • state registration - for feed obtained with the use of GMOs
  • state supervision - for processes related to feed for non-productive animals

Diagrams 1d, 2d, 3d, 4d and 6d are dedicated to the declaration of conformity. Appropriate procedures are described for each of the schemas. The period of validity of the declaration may not exceed 5 years for mass-produced feed, which corresponds to the period of validity of the feed in the event of a batch issue.

Labeling of feed

Feed for non-productive animals that have passed the conformity confirmation procedure is labeled with the single EAEU Unified Mark of Products Circulation before being placed on the market. The marking is placed on the transport packaging, label, leaflet or in the transport documentation.

The annexes to the draft technical regulations establish the standards of acceptable deviations from the declared values ​​of nutrient indices of dog and cat food, as well as food safety indicators for non-productive animals.