Decision № 160 of transitional provisions about “Requirements for liquefied hydrocarbon gas to be used as fuel” (TR EAC 036/2016)

EurAsEC decision about “Requirements for liquefied hydrocarbon gas to be used as fuel” becomes effective at January 1, 2018 (TR EAC 036/2016). Compliance declaration documents, signed before TR EAC 036/2016 came into force, are valid until its due date but no longer than July 1, 2019. Manufacture and sale of products with necessary compliance certifications is allowed before July 1, 2019.

Products which were not subject to mandatory certification before TR EAC 036/2016 came effective, can be produced and sold without marking with a national sign of compliance until January 1, 2019. Sale of products in both cases must be operated within their due dates.

This technical regulation (TR EAC 036/2016) introduces necessary standards for storing, transportation, recycling and marking of liquefied hydrocarbon gas sold on the territory of the Union. The gas is meant to be used as fuel at productions and motor fuel for auto transport.

You can get more information about technical regulation TR EAC 036/2016 at EurAsEC website in the section of accepted technical regulations TR EAC.