Collaboration between EurAsEC and Mongolia enhances quality of the exported goods (11.04.2017)

The focus of the meeting on the occasion of the visit of the Minister of EurAsEC, Mr Valeri Koreshov, was on the collaboration between EurAsEC and Mongolia on technical regulations; as well as sanitary, veterinary, and agricultural measures.  “The exchange of experience and the convergence of positions in the sphere of technical regulation will facilitate the transition to a new stage in the cooperation between the EurAsEC and Mongolia”, said Koreshov.

The Memorandum signed in 2015 has intensified cooperation between Mongolia and EurAsEC Members. It covered such topics as: trade policies; technical regulations; appliance of sanitary, veterinary and agricultural measures; and fair competition. Food safety has been given considerable attention too. The implementation of the Memorandum regulations will increase the commodity turnover, competition and quality of delivered goods, while decreasing technical barriers for exporting potential.

The EurAsEC Delegation was introduced to the activity of the wool and meat processing enterprises and the Central State veterinary laboratory of Mongolia.  The Representatives delegates of the Commission informed the respective Ministries and departments about the Union regulations in the field of veterinary and agricultural requirements, the Union technical regulations on food products, and light industry production, and evaluation of products compliance in EurAsEC.

The Representative of Mongolia expressed their interest in the domain of compliance evaluation procedure, the Union requirements on imports of animals, plants, and animal and psychogenesis products. The parties expressed their interest in tightening relations in the realm of technical regulations, sanitary, veterinary and phytosanitary measures.