Changed enclosure in the technical regulation of Customs Union about “Requirements on greases, oils and special fluids” (CU TR 030/2012)

Present modification includes new items, mainly concerning cooling liquids and issues related to the international standard regulating cooling fluids.

According to EurAsEC contract and enclosure № 1 it was decided:

  1. Add several items to an existing enclosure №1 to technical regulations of Customs Union about “requirements on greases, oils and special fluids”, which was accepted at July 20, 2012 (CU TR 030/2012). These items are the following: “methyl alcohol content, % mass, for cooling fluids is not defined, not defined, not more than, 0,005”.
  2. Compliance assessment documents for cooling liquids, which were approved before technical regulations of present decision came in force, are valid until its due date.
  3. Ask member countries of EAEU  to fasten development and acceptance of international standards, which include regulations and requirements towards delivery and use of cooling fluids.
  4. Present decision becomes effective after 6 months since EurAsEC decision №180 from October 2, 2012 comes in force but not earlier than January 1, 2019.