Belarus has approved the rules for conducting a metrological audit

Metrological audit is a new type of control provided for in the legislation of the Republic of Belarus "On ensuring the uniformity of measurements", which entered into force in November 2020. By Resolution of the State Committee for Standardization of the Republic of Belarus (Gosstandart) No. 37 of April 19, 2021, the Regulations for conducting a metrological audit were approved.

Audit will help small and medium-sized enterprises

Many companies do not have the financial capacity to maintain metrology staff to carry out various types of measurements. However, the services of these specialists in the field of analysis of ensuring the uniformity of measurements in the manufacture of products, performance of works or provision of services can be obtained without such employees - thanks to a metrological audit. Enterprises can use consulting and methodological help in this matter, e.g. regarding the principles of using measuring equipment, its optimization, creating and improving technical documentation regarding accuracy indicators and the use of measuring equipment.

This aid is particularly important for companies implementing investment projects in the development of new branches of the economy or modernization of these areas. Conducting a metrological audit may contribute to increasing the effectiveness of metrological production support, optimizing the costs of enterprises in terms of maintaining specialists and their training.

Principles of metrological audit

During the metrological audit, an analysis of activities aimed at achieving and maintaining the proper condition of the measurements performed is carried out, the results of which are expressed in units of quantities approved for use in the Republic of Belarus. The audit also ensures metrological traceability and measurement accuracy indicators that cannot exceed the established limits. It should be remembered that the audit is carried out on a voluntary basis by competent and properly trained persons. Information and results obtained during audit are confidential.

What can be subject to a metrological audit?

The subjects of the metrological audit may include:

  • measurement control systems
  • measuring devices
  • metrological confirmations
  • metrological traceability
  • technical documentation in terms of the metrological requirements contained therein
  • measurement methods
  • the conditions necessary to carry out the measurement.

Who can perform a metrological audit? 

A metrological audit may be carried out by a legal person or an individual entrepreneur on the basis of a prepared metrological audit plan or contract. The auditors must have higher technical education, as well as at least 5 years of experience in activities related to the subjects of metrological control. The report that is created as a result of the inspection is then passed on to the company.