The decision of the Commission of customs union EvrAzes from January 28th, 2011 N 526

With a view of realization of article 3 of the Agreement about uniform principles and rules of technical regulation in Republic of Belarus, Republic Kazakhstan and the Russian Federation from November 18th, 2010 the Commission of the Customs union has solved:

  1. To confirm the Uniform list of products in which  obligatory requirements within the limits of the Customs Union are established. List attached (in Russian)
  2. In connection with presence in member states of the Customs union of various procedures of the state registration of medical products (medical technics and products of medical appointment) to charge to the Parties:   
    • to develop the possibility of unification of approaches of the Parties in this field;
    • if necessary, to develop the project of the corresponding international contract;
    • to make the decision about expediency of working out of Technical Regulations of the Customs union «About safety of products of medical appointment».

Before making the decision on this questions work for corresponding technical regulations of the Customs Union suspended.