About the State Registration of production

For the further progressing of activity of territorial Rospotrebnadzor  bodies on the State Registration of production (under control goods) imported on territory of the customs union or made in territory of the customs union it is informed.

It is possible to specify several names of the goods of one or several manufacturers made on uniform technical requirements which have one component structure, the hygienic characteristic, a scope, but with the slight differences which do not have hygienic value (for example: the various form or goods volume, percentage, various color or the aroma caused by entering of dyes, flavors) in one certificate of the State Registration.

According to the Customs Union rules the certificate of the State Registration is issued in any territorial body of Federal Agency of Supervision in Sphere of Protection of the Consumers Rights and well-being of the person regardless of a place of production (goods) customs registration  and production point of production. Action of such certificates on the state registration extends in all territory of the customs union.

Conformity to uniform hygienic requirements to the goods which are subject to sanitary-and-epidemiologic supervision (control) of production and not the subject to the State Registration is confirmed during the state sanitary-and-epidemiologic supervision of the goods moved through customs border of the customs union and in customs territory of the customs union.


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