A unified register of radio-electronic equipment and high-frequency devices approved for importation is being created at the EEU

On April 28, 2020, the Council of the Eurasian Economic Commission officially confirmed the start of the process of creating and introducing a single register of radio-electric devices and high-frequency devices authorized for import into the Customs Union. The register will also include embedded devices or parts of other goods

What do these terms mean?

Radio-electronic devices are intended for the transmission and / or reception of radio waves, consisting of one or more transmitting or receiving devices. A combination of such devices, including ancillary devices, is also possible. Examples of radio-electronic equipment are popular smartphones, cell phones, wireless routers and radio stations.

High frequency devices, on the other hand, are designed to produce and use radio frequency energy for industrial, scientific, medical, domestic or other purposes, except for telecommunications applications. It should be remembered that the name "high frequency device" is conventional, because they can work on different radio frequencies (not necessarily high). Their examples are also well known to us and widely used in everyday life - these include microwave ovens or induction hobs.

Why is the Register created?

Creating the register is a step towards standardizing regulations and increasing their transparency. A single document containing all radio-electronic equipment and high-frequency devices that can be brought into the Eurasian Economic Union will facilitate the work of producers, importers, as well as exporters interested in economic cooperation in this field with EEU countries.

The joining of new entities to the process of creating the register is carried out in accordance with the procedure approved by the decision of the Management Board of the Eurasian Economic Commission of 26 June 2018. N 104. The Regulation shall enter into force 30 days after its publication on the official website of the Eurasian Economic Union.