Sanitary-epidemiological certificate (Hygiene Certificate) in Ukraine.

Ukrainian sanitary-epidemiological certificate is a document, which confirms,  that a product or activity is in accordance with the standards of hygiene and sanitary-epidemiological rules compulsory in Ukraine.

Sanitary-epidemiological certificate is issued by the Ukrainian Ministry of Health (Міністерство охорони здоров'я України), after laboratory testing. Testings are carried out in order to check the product for safety and compliance with the health and hygiene requirements.

Validity of sanitary-epidemiological certificates depends on the scheme chosen by the applicant. If the certificate is issued for serial production - the expiry date is from 1- to 5 years. You can also choose a certification scheme for the party, in which case the sanitary-epidemiological certificate will be issued for a single batch of products.

 Stages to obtain a hygiene certificate in Ukraine:

1. Preparation of the necessary documentation for the certification;

2. Preparation of samples for laboratory tests;

3. Acceptance and registration of applications for product testings;

4. Determination of laboratory testing;

5. Analysis of documentation;

6. Laboratory tests;

7. Decision is made by experts on the basis of testing results;

8. Preparation of a draft of a certificate;

9. Issuance of a sanitary-epidemiological certificate on the basis of a proven draft.