The ROSTECHNADZOR permit for application of technical devices.

Rostechnadzor1smallThe permission for the application of technical devices is necessary for a concrete kind of technical devices, applied on dangerous industrial objects. The permission for application of technical devices issued to the companies who are carrying out, working out, manufacturing and delivering the devices.


The ROSTECHNADZOR permit for the application of technical devices used in dangerous industrial objects could be issued for the individual technical device, group of devices, or for the type of technical devices. It is supposed to use the ROSTECHNADZOR permit for application of the complex technical device in which all components carry out the interconnected functions, if all components are acknowledged to requirements of industrial safety.

The lifetime of ROSTECHNADZOR permit is 5 years.

Documents, needed for the ROSTCHNADZOR permit*:

  • the statement assured by the company and the signature of the head;
  • data about the manufacturer;
  • engineering specifications (passport, design drawings of products with the specification on a material, instructions on assemblage, installation and operation), including a technique of carrying out of control tests, a resource and term of operation, a condition and the requirement of safe operation, an order of maintenance service, repair, diagnosing;
  • MSDS;
  • reports of production tests;
  • data on a chemical compound and mechanical durability of the materials applied at manufacturing of products;
  • GOST R Conformity Certificate;
  • the certificate of fire safety, hygienic certificate;
  • reports of independent foreign laboratories;
  • certificate ISO of a series 9000.

*: The list of documents may vary. Please contact us for detailed info.