Declarative mode to confirm compliance in Belarus.

All declarations of conformity, issued in Belarus in order to import goods into its territory, must be registered in the certification body that is accredited by the state.

Ways to declare products in Belarus:

  • Adoption (acceptance) of a declaration of conformity based on their own evidence;
  • Adoption (acceptance) of a declaration of conformity based on their own evidence and the evidence obtained as a result of the certification by an accredited certification body and / or as a result of activities undertaken by an accredited testing laboratory.

Schemes to confirm compliance when declaring compliance are specified in the technical regulations. If the certification of compliance schemes are not specified by the regulation or if technical regulation for the product category does not exist, the patterns are determined by the technical rules in the field of technical regulations and standardization, approved by the State Committee for the standardization of the Republic of Belarus.

If the selected pattern to confirm compliance when declaring compliance foresees testing of the product, the producer signs a contract with the accredited testing laboratory and shall have carry out laboratory tests to confirm compliance.

Ready declaration of conformity shall be registered in an accredited certification body.

The manufacturer (distributor) may also choose a declaration of conformity rather than the first way to confirm compliance of the product - to get a certificate of compliance of Belarus. If the product is in the "List of goods, works, services and other facilities that are subject to mandatory confirmation of conformity in the Republic of Belarus", either one (certification of conformity in Belarus) and the second option (declaration of conformity in Belarus) of the certification of conformity is acceptable.