Expert conclusion of Customs Union. Hygienic certification.

expert conclusion Expert conclusion is the document which confirms the conformity of the products with hygiene and sanitation standards of Customs Union.

The purpose of obtaining experts conclusion.

The conclusion of experts is issued to show it during the customs clearance at the border or to have a possibility of realization the certification of conformity (obligatory certification, to obtain a certificate of conformity or a declaration of conformity, as well as voluntary certification). Earlier the separate national sanitary and epidemiological and hygienic standards were in force both in Russia and other countries of Customs Union. The sanitary-epidemiological certificate was issued in Russia on the basis of intra regulations; in Belarus it was hygienic certificate of state registration. At that moment hygienic certification completes by issuance of the certificate of state registration of the Customs Union (unlimited duration) in the whole Customs Union (Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan).  All previously issued Russian sanitary and epidemiological certificates and Belarusian hygienic state registration certificates are valid only if the products mentioned in those certificates have not yet been subjected by technical regulations of the Customs Union.

If you want to obtain the conclusion of experts, you have to test the products in an accredited laboratory on the territory of the Customs Union. The conclusion of expert is the document which confirms the conformity of the products with hygiene and sanitation standards. The conclusion of experts is a voluntary document. It’s possible to issue it obligatorily only during the certification of state registration of the Customs Union, before the registration.

The conclusion of experts: Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan.

There are several state bodies in Customs Union that are responsible for issuing the conclusion of experts: ROSPOTREBNADZOR in Russia; MINZDRAV OF BELARUS in Belarus and MINZDRAV OF Kazakhstan in Kazakhstan.

The conclusion of experts includes the following data:

  • Manufacturer’s name and contact details of the company;
  • Products name + details identifying the product;
  • Area of using the products;
  • Sanitary and hygienic characteristics of the product;
  • Conclusion on the compatibility of the product with the Uniform sanitary standards of the Customs Union.


by Aneta Sabanovic