UkrSepro Certificate

UKRSEPRO certificate is a very important document in trade on the territory of Ukraine. It is required not only for products originating from abroad, but also for the products of domestic production. UKRSEPRO Certificate is taken into account for the clearance of goods.

Counterparties in Ukraine often prefer not to risk buying a product that does not have such a certificate. Below is a link to a website where you can check the list of products subject to mandatory certification UKRSEPRO:

The quality of the products, which can not be found on this list,  can be confirmed through voluntary certification. In case of voluntary certification the manufacturer is able to choose standards they want to apply for.

Mandatory certification in Ukraine.

During the mandatory certification of conformity the product is checked for compliance with the requirements of normative documents regulating the certification process in Ukraine. Mandatory

UKRSEPRO certification must be taken into consideration especially for customs clearance. 

The maximum valid period of certificate is 5 years: in this case the factory evaluatation by UkrSepro experts is a mandatory part of certification process along with product testing. In case of 1 year certification factory visit is not needed, however in some cases products must be sent to laboratory.

Documents needed for UkrSepro certification:

  • ISO 9001 certificate;
  • CE declaration;
  • Local safety certificates (for example hygienic certificates);
  • Russian GOST certificates (if you have);
  • Technical description of the product or catalogue (in Russian/Ukrainian);
  • HS Code;
  • Power of attorney (needed to present manufacturer in governmental structures);
  • Samples of products (not needed in all cases).

Ukraiński symbol zgodności (certyfikacja obligatoryjna)

Ukraiński symbol zgodności (certyfikacja dobrowolna)

Ukranian conormity sign (Mandatory certification)

Ukranian conormity sign (Voluntary certification)