Updated list of standards to the technical regulations for gas appliances

On July 16, 2021, the decision of the Board of the Eurasian Economic Commission No. 86 of July 13, 2021 was published. This document approves the updated lists of standards to the technical regulation TR CU 016/2011 "On the safety of equipment powered by gaseous fuel." The new law will enter into force six months after its official publication date.

The structure of the list of standards remained unchanged

The previous structure of the list has not changed - the lists are still divided into sections, and sections into groups depending on the type of equipment. 3 sections have been created:

  1. Gas powered appliances for cooking and heating water
  2. Modular automatic burneras
  3. Built-in devices

11 groups of devices

The largest section is section number 1. It includes 11 groups:

  1. Household gas heating devices (heating and combined appliances with a water circuit, convectors, fireplaces, air heaters, air conditioners with built-in gas air heaters).
  2. Household gas appliances for cooking and heating food (stoves, cooking panels, ovens, grills, electric cookers with at least one gas burner).
  3. Instantaneous water heaters. 
  4. Pressurized water heaters. 
  5. Gas stoves and so-called portable and tourist tagans, gas household lamps.
  6. Gas infrared burners and gas burners for household appliances, poultry gas brooders.
  7. Heating boilers, including boilers with block blast burners.
  8. Gas appliances in catering (stationary food boilers, gas stoves, cooking and frying machines, tilting bratt pans, braziers, deep fryers, equipment for boiling and heating liquids, bain-maries for first and second courses).
  9. Industrial gas burners for special purposes (heaters "light" of infrared radiation).
  10. Closed gas emitters (“dark” emitters) based on gas burners.
  11. ndustrial gas air heaters (recuperative and mixing), including air heaters with block blast burners, air conditioners with built-in gas air heaters, gas heat generators for building where livestock are raised. 

More standards and new expiry dates

The updated list of safety requirements includes 125 standards. This is a significant increase, because there were only 96 of them. The number of entries in the list of research methods was also increased - from 94 to 122. Please note that some standards have expiry dates. This applies, inter alia, to standard GOST 20219-74 "Gas domestic heating appliances with a water circuit. Technical conditions ”, which only applies until December 1, 2022.