Toys from foreign markets can be dangerous

British non-profit organization Which ?, partner of Roskachestvo, conducted a study on the quality and safety of toys purchased on foreign markets. The research covered toys purchased via the Internet.

Popular shopping websites and the quality of toys

The research carried out concerned toys purchased through popular shopping websites such as AliExpress, Amazon, eBay and Wish. Nowadays, online purchase of toys through these types of services is becoming more and more popular.

40% of toys do not meet safety standards

The results of the study leave no doubt - after checking 28 toys purchased as a sample, it turned out that as many as 40% of them have serious defects. 12 toys did not meet the requirements for one or even several parameters. In the case of products intended for children, such breaches of safety standards can have dire consequences, resulting in loss of life or health.

Among the most common violations are long cords and wires (danger of suffocation), fragile and small parts that can injure, magnets and batteries that a child can swallow and damage internal organs.

How to fight counterfeit toys?

According to specialists of the Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, one of the solutions to the problem of the growing number of counterfeit toys on the market should be the procedure of mandatory certification of toys. Experts proposed that this procedure should be obligatory regardless of how the toys are purchased. The law would therefore also cover toys from foreign markets.

Experts from Roskachestvo, an independent company that studies the quality of goods in the Russian Federation. recommend that when buying, pay attention to the presence of the European CE marking, indicating that a European Certificate of Conformity has been issued for the toy.